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Tick Tock

Apologies for the light posting as of late, I've been in the process of buying a house and moving in...not fun, but probably worth the work. Besides, I'm glad it happened now rather than during football season, because I sure would have hated to explain to my wife that I wouldn't be available for floor buffing, packing, moving, etc. due to football. Yeah, that wouldn't have been good.

At least draft week is finally here, starting at 11 a.m. CST this Saturday. TST will have full coverage. I'm really anxious to see how it shakes out, and though logic tells me Linehan et al will draft one of the oft mentioned DTs or DEs in the first round, I'm still not going to be shocked to see them take a WR. I may be pissed, but not shocked. There's also that flurry of trade activity around draft time, so stay tuned things are really going to heat up.

In the meantime, here's some draft reading for you courtesy of Fox sports. They relive the memories of Lawrence Phillips in their review of each team's best, worst and best value picks of all time.

Eric Dickerson can pretty much be the consensus for the Rams (the franchise itself, not just the STL incarnation) best of all time. I remember watching him as a kid and just being totally amazed even not knowing all that much about football.

Let's hope that one day Steven Jackson ranks up there for franchise best pick, too.