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Ricky Don't Lose That Number

Hey man, is Linehan interested in...[big inhale]...Ricky Williams?

Totally, man, I saw it in the paper, and, well, like, [Fritos crunch] Linehan loves those former Dolphins. Besides, he might...[exhale] a nice backup to the great Steven Jackson.

He's 29, so he's not too far over the hill to be a backup. I will say this, Linehan seems to endorse the guy's character. And why not, in the Pacman Jones era of the NFL, Ricky's problems seems sorta minor.

Good to hear that Pace and Tino are recovering well from surgery. They'll be needed.

Good call on Donnie Jones. The Rams, for a lesser price than Turk probably would have cost, get a younger leg with the same skill level. Say what we will about the lack of defensive tackle signings this offseason, but the Rams have made serious improvement on their special teams. I guess with predictions of 9-7 every little bit can mean the difference for that 10th win.