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Not THAT Bad...

First and foremost this morning let's try to put to bed the classic chestnut floating around Rams nation that says drafting DTs has been and will continue to be a bust. Just ridiculous. Sometimes a player's skills in college don't translate to the NFL. It's a crap shoot with injuries, development tracks, etc. Second, Ryan Pickett, the Rams' first round (29th overall) pick in 2001, has had a good, solid career as a NT. Letting him go and placing the NT duties squarely in the hands of Jimmy Kennedy was a mistake, and he had a 64 tackle season with the Packers. Again, he's certainly not the league's best, but he was certainly adequate enough to provide a solid presence in the middle of the D-line. Finally, some blame goes to the old regime. As you may recall, defense, especially once Lovie left, was never a big priority, and Jimmy Kennedy's development suffered greatly, to the point that the lack of coaching and development during his formative years might well have cost him a career as a solid depth player in the league. I hesitate to write him off entirely given the lack of development and playing NT with an injured hand last season. He may well still be an acceptable presence on the line and a good enough guy for the rotation. Wroten's still got time to prove himself too.

So, this talk of passing over DT talents like Okoye or Branch in the first round (IF they're available at 13) because of our past history with DTs is absolutely ridiculous.

Moving on...

I think it's worth applauding NBC for bringing in Olberman for the Sunday Night show. Amazing what networks other than Fox and ESPN can do to make the stuff before, after and in between NFL games watchable. Oh, not that Michael Irvin and Chris Berman spewing out unintelligible grunts and shouts doesn't make for good television...if you're in a coma.

Drew Bledsoe for the Hall of Fame? Now, after you've finished wiping the coffee off your computer screen, read this article. What about Warner then?