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Rams Select WR Craig Davis, LSU - SBN Mock Draft Round 2

The SBN Mock Draft continues, and you can see a full report of the second round action at SBN's Detroit Lions site, Pride of Detroit.

For the Rams second round, 52nd overall, pick, TST selected LSU wide receiver Craig Davis. Davis can step in and immediately become the Rams kick returner, a position they sorely lacked last year. Davis is speedy and has size to go with good hands. And talk about potential, he'll be the perfect understudy for Bruce and Holt. The Rams still have a real need a DE, an understudy for Little, but there wasn't a DE available in this mock draft at this pick that justified skipping Davis...or trading the pick for Denver's two third round picks, which was considered.

Here's an endorsement from CBS Sportsline that put us over the edge on the Davis pick.

Quite simply, if Davis hadn't toiled in the significant shadow cast by Dwayne Bowe at LSU, he'd be considered a first-round pick.

The rest of the report is pretty good too, as were other scouting reports. I'm also a sucker fro SEC football, and feel like coming out of a tough conference like that makes top talents more suitable for the NFL.

I'm anxiously watching the situation develop with Kris Jenkins, as that could really shake up the Rams draft board. That's a tough one though, as the Panthers have a bevy of interested teams and time on their side.