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Washington Ready for an Oscar?

The Rams, for better or worse, don't have much drama on the team: no Pacman, no jilted QB (Carr), no aging superstar on the verge of retirement (#4), etc. We fans have had to find contentment in our offseason storyline with worry over the defensive line situation, and, you know, real football stuff.

What we do have, though, is star power and a Hollywood connection in John David Washington, son of two time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington. Washington, after getting the obligatory "son-of" fluff piece in the paper last summer, spent the season on the Rams practice squad.

This season, Washington wants a shot a bigger part with the Rams, and has embarked on an offseason tour with the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europe. For the Rams, the Morehouse College standout lacks the strength and speed to play a role at RB in the NFL.

He's got lots of work to do before he's ready to step in and play a supporting role behind Steven Jackson, but there's always the outside chance he could vie for a Best Supporting Actor nod. It certainly won't be a slam dunk case like it was for Glory with his father, but, hey, the guy also won for Training Day so anything's possible.