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Mark Your Calendars

The NFL has finally decided to release the 2007 schedule, and the Rams were fortunate enough to draw a decent one.

The toughest four game stretch starts in Baltimore on October 14. From there, the Rams make a long trip over our little home here in flyover country on their way to Seattle for a 10/21 game. The long distance between these two games means either a long week away from home or lots of travel between B-town, the Lou, and Seattle. Not well though out by the NFL schedule brain trust. It's back home for a winnable game with the Browns before a week eight bye. Well rested, the Rams continue their four games stretch with a trip to New Orleans. That one will really test the Rams soon to be improved (?) run defense with Reggie Bush ready to dominate the NFL. Hopefully, Steven Jackson will show him a thing or two.

The Rams, if they make a key upgrade to the D-line and avoid some key injuries, can go 10-6, maybe even 11-5, if the Seahawks prove to be as overrated as I think they are.

Oh, and we'll also have the chance to bitch about the NFL Network on Thursday, December 20, as the NFL gets to show a Steelers team that for reason it wants the whole world to love.



The latest news on the Kris Jenkins deal still has the Rams in the lead for his services; although, nothing much has been said about it since Monday. I suspect the quiet has a lot to do with this little tidbit reported at Rotoworld:

teams aren't offering higher than a third-round pick, and Carolina may want more. The Panthers will probably have to lower their asking price because of Jenkins' work-ethic issues.

The lack of news probably means the only thing going is a little behind the scenes negotiating. Other than the "work ethic issues" raising a small red flag, it sounds like the Rams may get Jenkins for a 4th rounder or some similar combination.

Jenkins has a cap figure of $4.5 million this season, and the Rams, as of now, have just under $9 million to spend. I suspect they'll try to renegotiate with Jenkins, if possible, and look for other ways to cut salary to sign draft picks.

I haven't put much stock into the visiting talent this week; it's just too much of a routine thing to read too much into. However, I'm beginning to think that if the Rams can get Jenkins, they'll take a WR, a fast one who can return kicks in 2007, in the first round. If they get Jenkins, I'd still rather they focus on defense, and take DE Adam Carriker, setting them up with a solid DE for the post-Little days.

I suppose we'll know soon enough.