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McMichael McMania

By now you've probably heard the news that the Rams signed former Dolphins TE Randy McMichael to a 3 year deal, with the payout thought to be around $3 million per season.

It's not a bad signing to replace the jail-Byrd and gives the Rams a ready to go offensive weapon at TE (read Red Zon concerns from last season). However it is a curious signing. The Rams offense was/is in pretty good shape. The Bennett signing really shored that up too. I understand the need to replace Byrd, and the chance to get McMichael at that rate was a good deal.

As discussed earlier this a.m. I think we're all waiting for a defensive signing to go with the signings on offense.

Hey, wait, why do I keep getting Mike Martz falshbacks...

Update [2007-3-8 14:59:40 by VanRam]: Word is circulating that the Rams are close to signing former Bears safety Todd Johnson. Here's the link to Bernie's post at the PD's Rams forum. Good move, now about that D-line...

I still think we'll see more activity from the Rams in the coming days, specifically in regards to their defense. I hope so anyway.