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Byrd in the Can

He's really doing his best to give the Rams a criminal element. Why should the Bengals have all the fun after all, right?

It appears that Dominque Byrd was arrested Sunday for DUI.

That's not surprising.

What is surprising is how quiet Seattle has been in the free agent/trade market so far. Outside of a high profile signing of DE Patrick Kerney, they've done little else, including looking for a replacement for Hutchinson that left last year via free agency. The Seahawk's offensive line was a real problem for that team last season giving Hasselbeck and Alexander problems all year. Seattle gambled that a few high profile signings (Nate Burrelson, Julian Peterson and Deon Branch) last season would make all the difference. Their gamble didn't pay off so much because of those moves, but because of general weakness in the division. This year, with a SF team spending money like there's no tomorrow, standing pat isn't going to keep them competititive in a quickly improving NFC West.