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Kevin Curtis Wants [to hire] YOU!

"Minnesota? Detroit? Seriously?"

"Kevin, you've got to be patient. This art called negotiation is serious business."

"I can't believe I wore the magic underware for a lousy trip to Detroit. Mike Martz, man, Mike Martz!"

"Kevin, here's the plan...oh wait...I've got BQ on the phone..."

You work hard, you play your heart out, you fire your agent to get a super agent in the hopes of getting an A-list free agent deal - turns out in Detroit of all places - and the guy has to leave you hanging - for a deal with the Lions need we say again - to nurture a young lad whose starting to realize the words "Ryan Leaf" aren't good ones.  [We thought SAT reading scores were waaay hire at a Notre Dame, but that's a state school education for you.] At least Curtis got to fire the guy.

You have to feel just a little for Kevin Curtis here. He was due for a big pay day. At least he has five days to get his old agent's digits out of his outdated Razor. I'm sure by that time Mike Martz will still be interested in another receiver.

Wait, breaking news, the motor city - or as you may know it, Jerome Bettis' hometown - may have a backup candidate in, yep, that's right, Rams free agent WR Shaun McDonald. Unless, things don't work out in New Jersey with the New York Giants or Philly.