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Sportsman-like Conduct

Tuesday came and went without the promised player conduct policy from Commish Goodell. Too bad, that was going to be a highlight from a slow week between free agent free for all and the draft.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about a legislated moral code, but the NFL is in a real pinch as players keep giving the media ample opportunity to paint a sensationaliszed picture of out of control athletes.

There are reports of a mandatory suspension for repeat offenders, but hearings and player advisory boards will likely be used to make sure whatever discipline gets doled out gets a thorough review first. There's bound to controversy around whatever policy is laid out, with people lined up on both sides arguing that it's too harsh or not harsh enough. It's to be expected.

Something I'd like to see within the conduct policy with regards to player suspensions is not allowing regulations to be so fast and loose as to which games a player sits out.

I don't know if you can incorporate this into the policy or not, but it would be nice to see NFL players treated like any other stiff as they make their way through the court system. No putting off trials until after important games, no arranging prision time to coincide with the offseason, etc.

So that it's not entirely punitive, maybe they should write in a line that the most interesting arrest or circumstances surrounding an arrest get some kind of recognition. Call it the Michael Irvin Rule, for all those guys who have a "friend" leave a crack pipe in their car because they're "trying to help them quit" by hiding it for them.