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Spikes to the Rams?

Are the Rams in on the Takeo Spikes deal? It's being reported that the Bills are close to trading their former Pro-Bowl linebacker, but the only teams being mentioned so far are the Eagles and the Giants.

Spikes would give the Rams a real strong group of starting linebackers, while probably costing the team a 3rd round pick.

Spikes would cost $4.6 million this season, but they would be sure to work out a new contract with him. That money would be a big chuck of their remaining cap space (estimated to be around $11 million at the moment) which the team will need to sign draft picks this season. Of course, there are still lots of things up in the air with regards to the Rams' cap space, so I wouldn't rule out the trade based strictly on cash considerations. Spikes is 30, usually the start of a players' decline, and that's a lot of cash. A restructured contract could make up the difference though.

What makes me doubt it the most is the 3rd round pick. The Rams seem to be leaning heavily on the draft to round out some pretty important team needs - DTs, LBs, a speedy WR for returns and to replace McDonald, etc. Because they're likely to grab a pretty good player who could step in an play this season in the third round, the cost of the deal seems like more than the Rams would or should be inclined to pay.

While writing this, I saw an update at Bleeding Green Nation that Spikes will be in Philly for a physical today or tomorrow. Looks like the Rams weren't in on this after all.