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Rams Get Deep and High

The Lenny Walls signing seems, at first glance, like a good one. Gives the Rams some size and depth for the D-backfield. I think he's probably one notch up from Rumph. Good defenses have depth, keeping your team from paying a price while the starters take a breather. While the Rams still lack depth, or anything, on the ground between the DEs, they have added some solid role players to round out the rotations in the other areas of the defense.

Height continues to be an area Linehan upgrades. First, Bennett gave them another 6 inches from their slot receiver, and now Walls gives them a tall CB - 6'4" -  to break up passes and vie for jump balls with opposing WRs.

Again, I'm still pretty convinced that Linehan et al are going to go for DT depth through the draft, a strategy that not all Rams fans agree upon, and give Kennedy a contract year to step it up as a role player and, hopefully, have a more experienced and improved Wroten ready for his second year of NFL action.