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Rams Trade for DE James Hall

Props to quick on the draw TST reader jroman for sending word of the Rams swap for Detriot Lions DE James Hall.

Here's the text from the report:

An industry source tells us that the Detroit Lions have shipped defensive end James Hall to the St. Louis Rams, for a fifth-round draft pick.

The Lions had been trying to trade Hall for the past couple of weeks, and most likely would have cut him if a deal had not been worked out.

Here's more on the trade from SBN borther site, Pride of Detroit, a blog devoted to the Lions. I'm slightly curious as to why the Rams traded for Hall when all indications pointed toward Detroit cutting him. I suppose that's partly to avoid competing bids on the FA market, and a 5th round pick isn't a bad price to pay. The Rams had two 5th round picks, making this an even better deal.

Hall had a stellar 2005 season, posting 11.5 sacks and 59 total tackles while forcing 3 fumbles. Last season, playing in just 7 games after going on IR with a shoulder injury, he registered 5 sacks. He's 30 years old and has 8 years in the league, all with Detroit. He'll be nice complement to Little.

I'm also guessing that the Rams will be less likely to take a DE in the first round of the draft, Adam Carriker for instance. Thus, I'd look for them to take either a DT or a WR, or possibly a stud LB.