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Weekend Talent Round Up

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Some quick items from the Combine (and elsewhere) that may or not be of interest to Rams fans.

  • Louisville DT Amobi Okoye weighed in at 302 lbs yesterday. That's a big increase from the 287 he posted at the Senior Bowl. He's still impressing scouts and debateably projects as a top 10 pick.

  • SI's Don Banks notes that Mississippi LB Patrick Willis' draft stock continues to climb and the standout SEC player projects to go off the board in the "top third" of the first round, close to the Rams 13th pick.

  • Here's an Okoye human interest story, yawn. Still, the "youngest player ever drafted" factoid seems like something that could be easily attached to a future super star.

  • One possible free agent DT the Rams might look into is Saints DT Hollis Thomas. He recently rejected a Saints offer he called "insulting" and the Broncos are reported to be keenly interested in the 33-year-old free agent to be.