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Combine Starts Today

The biggest event of the offseason, outside of the draft, starts today as offensive lineman, tight ends, kickers and punters start arriving at the NFL Scouting Combine. They start their week with registration, orientation, x-rays, and interviews with teams.

What a minute, did you most exciting event of the offseason outside fo the draft? What about the Pro Bowl? Um, did you watch the Pro Bowl? Exactly.

Anyway, there's not much to report thus far on the Rams activities at the Combine. I suspect that the O-lineman will draw some interest from the Rams staff, who should probably be looking for some middle round sleepers in that department.

Here's all the official info for the Combine.

At some point, probably after we see what shakes out at the Combine, I plan to take a more composite look at the various mock drafts around the internet and see which players are being identified the most as potential Rams draft picks. Right now, our picks are all over the board on the 18,000 different mock draft sites out there.

Over at this mock, analysts have the Rams nabbing Florida State OLB Lawrence Timmons. This is the first time I've seen his name next to the Rams 13th spot on a mock draft. Football's Future, which has become sort of my default player evaluation site, speaks rather highly of Timmons, calling him a "playmaker" with tons of talent and tremendous upside. If we pick Timmons, Witherspoon will stay in the middle, where he improved as the season went on, and Pisa would man the strong side as the new guy takes over on the weak side. Not a bad configuration, if Timmons meets his billing, but it still means the Rams have to seek help at DT somewhere other than the first round. We do know that good help is available at that position though.