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Shuffling to be Super

This is it, the big weekend of the big game, and for Rams fans that means...absolutely nothing. Personally, the Super Bowl, when you team's not in it, is the most anticlimactic event of the year. Christmas without presents. Thanksgiving without turkey. And you don't even get the day after off of work.

Still no preference for me as to who wins. I just hope it's an enjoyable, competitive game.

Brian Burwell has an interesting piece in the PD today about aging players and the toll the game takes on their body. When I was in college in Wyoming a former offensive lineman lived pretty close to my best friend whose father was a huge football fan and talked to the guy over the fence every day. The guy was huge, and all that body mass had sunk and drooped on his giant frame in the years since decade or so since he played in the NFL. In the harsh Wyoming winter, the man's arthritis in his knees and hips caused him great pain, he couldn't even shovel his own drive way in the wake of a snow storm. A few years after I had graduated and moved on, my friend mentioned in passing that the man had died of a heart attack, in his early forties. Of course, heart attacks have a lot more factors to blame than the steep physical toll that pro football exacted, but those bad knees, heavy frame, and worn out joints that kept him from excercising after being a pro athlete for part of his life certainly contributed. That I don't recall the man's name makes me feel a little guilty, since his future peers provide me with so much enjoyment.

Back to the constant discussion of the Rams 2007 offseason moves, here's another blog article taking a look at some of the Rams free agent possibilities. Interestingly enough, the author doesn't mention Bengals DE Justin Smith or Raiders DT Terdell Sands. The most intriguing possibility he mentions is Saints DE Charles Grant, who would make a nice complement to Leonard Little on the other side. Here's what the author says:

Charles Grant: DE, New Orleans Saints
  • Adept at stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback
  • Durable
  • In his prime
  • Has the body of a DT, quick but not fast
  • Will come with a hefty price tag
Grant would be a perfect fit to play the end spot opposite Little. He is familiar with the Rams' defensive scheme having already played under Haslett in New Orleans. Grant would force the opposition to respect the Rams' pass rush, effectively allowing blockers to pick their poison by only being able to double-team one DE. It can be argued that the Rams should be more concerned with acquiring run-stuffing tackles, but a dual threat like Grant would be a huge step in the right direction

As I read more and more about the upcoming draft and talk about what the Rams should do, the idea of trading up with the idea of nabbing Alan Brach is more and more appealing. Of course, with Kevin Curtis departing, the Rams should have plenty of cap space to make a splash in the FA market, where they could land an established talent for the D line, keep their 13th overall pick as well as their first day picks, and get the best available players. This seems to be how the debate is shaping up, so stay tuned.