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Coveting Thy Rival's DT

We've talked about the big name free agents, some at least, that the Rams could sign in the free agent market to instantly upgrade their...ahem...lagging run defense. (Here's a list for your review. And here are our TST looks at Terdell Sands and Justin Smith.)

Positive economic realities facing the league and individual teams - i.e. lots of revenue and cap space and not a lot of free agents - mean the free agent market won't be a one-stop shopping venue for teams seeking an immediate solution. Teams can apply franchise tags liberally and bidders can pony up lots of green for the remaining talent. However, the secondary free agent market, chock full of talented and not so talent backups, unrealized potential, and special teams studs, offers a veritable smorgasbord for smart teams patiently scouting the talent available and willing to take the small investment/big return risk.

One player among the ranks of lower priority restricted free agents is Seattle DT, Craig Terrill. At 6'3" 287 lbs, the third year tackle was a rotation mainstay until going down to an early December knee injury after 11 games. Terrill's known for his hustle, and has even become something of a fan favorite in Seattle through the last three seasons. Unlike a Terrdell Sands, Terrill's isn't a centerpiece of any defensive line. However, he is speedy, and as a rotation guy with the Seahawks, he puts pressure on opposing offenses. SBN Seahawks blog, Field Gulls, also reports that Terrill led the team in 2005 with a 90% stop rate against the run.

Given Kennedy likely reduced role to a rotation DT as well, Terrill fits the Rams needs pretty well. Although, we'd still have to upgrade the run defense with a solid DE or LB signing and/or a blue chip draft choice. As a restricted free agent, Terrill would cost the Rams a compensatory draft pick, albeit a lower one given Terrill's status as a non-starter. Of course, he could be the classic late bloomer looking for his shot, a la former practice squad member Terdell Sands. The guy also plays special teams quite well.

History shows that resigning free agents to be has never been a favored tactic for the Seahawks. Some are not expecting them resign Terrill as they, like the Rams, pursue premier run stoppers on the free agent market.

This would be a real steal for the Rams and a coup by upgrading themselves at the expense of their division rivals.

Which, by the way, reminds me that we should all hope the Rams resign Isaiah Kacyvenski, another top-flight special teams guy, solid backup LB, and a former Seahawk to boot.