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Playmaker Out, TV Fans Celebrate

Watching ESPN is difficult to say the least, but it's kind of a necessity during the football season - or any sports season for that matter - for a football blogger.

I'm late on finding out this information, but that doesn't mean the sheer joy this news gives me is diminished at all.

Michael Irvin is out at ESPN.

Great news! No longer to I have to listen to him inaudibly spew things that don't matter or give shout outs or call players "my boy" anymore.

Ok, let's not get too carried away, it still ain't gonna be easy to watch. Chris Berman anyone?

Word from SBN Cowboys blog, Blogging the Boys, drops a hint that Parcels might get Irvin's spot. Fine with me. I like Parcels. I like the way he coached, and most of all I like the way he approaches the game. And if Scott Linehan doesn't work out, I'd love to see Tuna at the helm for the Rams. Yeah, really. It's too bad he won't be coaching anymore, but we'll start taking bets as to how long his retirement lasts.