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Bears and Cheifs Fans to Pay More for Rams Tickets

If there's one common thread running through the various discussions here and elsewhere in the tiny sliver of the internet dedicated to the Rams, it's IMPROVEMENT. Opinions differ as to how team improvement should take place, but everyone agrees that improvement has to happen.

Are we gunning for improvement because we support this team? Sure. I mean, that's kind of typicall, but as of today you can add another reason to your list, increased ticket prices.

The Rams announced yesterday, quietly, that ticket prices will go up for the 2007 season. The average ticket price will jump from $65.50 to $68.28. Inflation's a bitch, and if we wind up paying an extra three bucks or so to see the league's running backs skate to a career day each Sunday, we'll have to start thinking about what that $68 can buy instead - e.g. several Cards tickets, if you can get them. Now, should the Rams fortunes change as we're anticipating, it's a bargain at any price to see the Ed filled up with blue and gold again.

Please, just spend the money, we'll pay it, just please spend it on some talent.

No word on how Bears fans are reacting to the price increase.