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Could the Rams Use Kawika Mitchell?

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One potential free agent of interest to the Rams is Chiefs LB Kawika Mitchell. We haven't mentioned Mitchell much here. And you can blame me for that. Expensive free agent linebackers just don't make it to the top of my own hierarchy of Rams needs list.

For the record, the Chiefs plan to negotiate seriously with Mitchell, and he'll probably get a $25 million deal, wherever he signs. Word out of KC expects Mitchell to be moved to the outside spot, and this is where the possible connection to the Rams lies. The Rams' outside spot is the weakest part of the team's LB corps, and a stud like Mitchell represents an upgrade over Brandon Chillar. Still, given the holes on the front D line it seems really hard to justify another LB.

If you feel like you can make the argument that adding another blue chip LB to the roster makes sense, I'd love to hear your case.


The official 2007 NFL Scouting Combine invite list has been announced. No surprises, really. MIzzou DE Brian Smith did not receive an invitation. Smith had a monster career, breaking hte MU record for sacks, until he suffered a broken hip again Kansas State. Without the injury he would have easily topped the Big 12 mark fir sacks. I suspect his injury and possibly his size (6'4" 230lbs) kept his name off the invite list. Over on the STLToday Rams talk forum, there's some speculation that Smith has the potential to be a middle to late round steal.


In other sports news, Yahoo! Sports has a new look on their web site. Fascinating.