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Bulger now questionable

Marc Bulger has now been listed as questionable for the game against the Bengals this weekend. A final decision on Bulger's status is expected today.


This could get ugly. Truth of the matter is, that as much as a win would be nice, it's not worth risking Bulger's health with the team committed to him as the QB for immediate future. I'll take (another) ugly loss in an ugly season as opposed to watching Frerotte and Berlin battle it out for the starting QB job next season too.

Update [2007-12-7 16:38:17 by VanRam]: Just surfed over to the PD again, and the headline on the Bulger story now says "Sources: Bulger won't play Sunday." No confirmation yet though. Here's the link again in case it's changed. Tbell61 made a good point in the comments section, saying effectively that they might as well let Berlin play and see what he's capable of. I second that. You never know, maybe the o-line will tighten up a bit to give the kid a break.