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Remember when

If you rummage around the message boards, or even listen for a while at the old water cooler, revisionist history is sweeping Rams nation. Reconsideration of Mike Martz has become a favorite past time, and he gets discussed by Rams fans now as often as they did two years ago.

Don't let the 6-6 record fool you, the Lions are as inconsistent as they've ever been and the four game losing streak they're mired in looks like it will climb to five when they face the Cowboys this week and six when they play the Chargers the week after. Now to be fair, Detroit's problems have roots predating Martz, many of them well above his pay grade too. But his brilliant offense - and make no mistake, in its STL heyday with so many players in their prime it was brilliant - looks absolutely ridiculous this season. Kitna's been sacked more than the Rams quarterbacks and the run game has been completely abandoned, without even an epidemic of injuries on the o-line. For as frustrating as Linehan's offense looks this season, it is at least better than what Detroit's managed to put together. I just don't think I can  bear to read or listen to or even overhear any more pining for Martz to come back once Detroit cans him after this season.  

With three wins, though, I can't say I'm surprised by the rash of revisionism sweeping the Golden Horned Nation (Horny Nation?).

Ryan Fitzpatrick has certainly enjoyed a renewed reputation in the St. Louis metro area in the wake of Frerotte's first snap of the season back in week four. Fitz may or may not have been a better option to backup Bulger; those who think so point to his ability to make quick throws which would have helped the Rams behind their silk wall of an o-line. TST has wondered this on more than one occasion. What's that about hindsight though? The truth of the matter is though, that at the time Fitz was traded the Rams had just wrapped up an ugly preseason but one that featured almost no injuries, a success per modern NFL terms. Clearing the third QB from the roster was/is a fairly popular move in the league to free up space for crucial special teams guys or depth at certain positions. For as much fault as I can find with the Rams this season, the Fitz trade just doesn't make the list. Besides, it sounds like he's got a good thing going as a #2 behind Carson Palmer.

Jonathan Wade has shown real progress in his development this season, and it looks like he had a bright future as a ST and a 3rd or 4th d-back type of player, maybe more. Well, the future is now for Wade who will get the start in place of injured Tye Hill against a Cincy receiving corps sill mightily prized by fantasy players everywhere. The young guys on this defense have been a real factor this season, and here's hoping that Wade can earn the praise of his 2007 draft peers Adam Carriker and Clifton Ryan.

On paper, this looks like a rough week for the Rams defensive backs. However, inconsistency mars Carson Palmer's game log this season. Last week against the Steelers, a fine defense, he completed just 17 of 44 passes for a QB rating of just 51.6. The week before that, against the Titans, he had 3 TDs and a 113 rating. But the week before that, the Cardinals picked him off four times. Nice to know the Rams aren't the only ones struggling with consistency.