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Et Tu Frerotte?

Update [2007-12-4 17:22:35 by VanRam]: Still no word on Bulger's status yet. Obviously, predicting the outcome of this week's game hinges on Bulger's test. If I had to guess, I'd say he'll play, but concussions are difficult to read and demand caution and respect. Stay tuned.

Wow. I didn't think the injuries on this team could get any worse.

That's what I get for thinking.

It's now being reported that Gus Frerotte will likely be unable to play this week after suffering a partially torn labrum and a sprained throwing shoulder...on a questionably late hit by ATL DE Jamaal Anderson. Bulger's status hinges on another neuropsych test that he'll take today.

Are you ready for the Brock Berlin era? If indeed the BB era starts this week, remember it; that'll be all you need to say when summarizing the 2007 season for the Rams.

This muddles the old ax watch crystal ball. Obviously, the QB injuries are directly linked to this strung together poor excuse for an offensive line. For as much as I'd personally like to see the Rams turn the page (how could they not?), Linehan gets some leeway with these injuries. However, that's not a sufficient excuse for the play we've seen since the season began.

It also adds a new chapter to the Rams poor history of personnel decisions as questions about why Fitzpatrick was so readily dispatched will inevitably surface before Brock Berlin takes his first live game snap of 2007.

Of course, the offense stinks week in and week out; we're used to that. The one injury that might really hurt the Rams this week (and maybe longer) is Tye Hill's wrist/thumb injury (same link as above). In Haslett's adapted aggressive system that we've seen lately relies heavily on the corners and safeties to join the blitz or drop back into coverage, something they've done a pretty good job with in the second half of the season. Bartell's played well since those woeful first few games, but he could get a lot more time on the field for opposing offenses to take advantage of.

Update [2007-12-4 11:27:47 by VanRam]: Oh, the irony. Don't forget that Fitzpatrick was traded for a late round draft pick (7th I believe) to none other than this week's opponent, the Bengals. He's backing up Carson Palmer.