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A Fitting End and a Favor

I can't say that I'm surprised the season ended that way, with a blowout loss to the Cardinals.

If you read the amalgamation of articles dissecting the state of the team, it doesn't exactly sound like a franchise in a good place. We should have no shortage of things to talk about as the offseason drags on.

In the meantime, I have a favor to ask of our growing little community here at TST. I'm going to be unable to spend much time here over the next couple days because of a serious family illness that requires my help and support. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone to really take advantage of the diaries section to keep the discussion going. You can talk Rams, the playoffs, draft, free agency, anything NFL related. I'll take the most relevant Rams postings and put them on the front page. I should be fully back in the saddle by the end of this week, but there's just too much Rams news to talk about right now and we need to keep the discussion going. Heck, the sorry state of the Rams puts even more responsibility on fans like us to carry a torch.

I certainly don't blame anyone if we just completely ignore that debacle in the desert yesterday though.