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Week 16 Open Thread - midweek passed us by edition

Why does Thursday seem like eons ago? I understand the Thursday games on Thanksgiving - how many awkward conversations has a football game saved you from over the years? As a creature of routine, I find the midweek games to be very upsetting. Sorry, just can't get over it.

I'm posting this open thread for today's slate of games. Second to last week of the season, and the Rams will limp to the finish line with a very winnable game against the Cardinals next week. That's a Sunday game; hooray!

With the holidays coming up, I wanted to give everyone a note on the posting schedule. I'm working on a post regarding the salary cap, and intend to have that finished before sauntering off to grandmother's house Monday evening. Barring some sort of earth shattering Rams news, TST will be dark on Tuesday. But we're coming back full tilt on Wednesday, getting ready for the last game of the season. We'll talk D-backs that day too.

It doesn't sound like Linehan's gone after the season; sounds like Shaw might have bigger things to worry about. Hopefully, they'll remember that the best way to fix things is put a winning team on the field. (A number of the parts are already there.) In my mind, the big question now becomes whether or not Haslett will stay if Linehan does? Reading in between the lines about this drama, it doesn't seem likely. That worries me.

Have a great holiday.