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The plot thickens - Rams vs Atlanta, Week 13 Open Thread

Two men enter; one man leaves?

Is that sort of a summation of the stakes for the head coaches in today's game? Not really. Petrino has some cushion with the Vick incident and it is only his first season.

For Linehan it's the most winnable game left on the schedule and a chance to finally put a tick mark in the win column at home in a season that can generously be called a disaster.

Hopefully, today's game will be more enjoyable to watch the last one. Actually, though, I must admit that I am looking forward to what Haslett does with the defense today in the wake of injuries to Pisa and James Hall. See, it's not all bad around Rams nation.

Oh, be sure and take notes as to what music the Dome plays. Steven Jackson's comments got mroe press than I would have guessed - what else is there to talk about? - so I'm anxious to see what the response is. Of course, better play from the Rams is equally expected.

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Go Rams!