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Week 15 Open Thread: Rams vs. Green Bay

It's always a nice, warm fall day inside the EJDome, and thanks to Packers fans buying up the extra tickets St. Louis didn't want, you can see the game without venturing out into the snow from the comfort of your own home. Unless you don't have power...

At the beginning of the season I was really looking forward  to this game. And even at 3-10 I still am. I always enjoy watching Farve play football, not inthe Peter King/John Madden crush kind of way. No, he plays every game like it's do or die and when someone plays a game with that level of intensity it's always interesting.

Speaking of Farve, the Packers have done an excellent job of protecting him this season. I followed up with Brandon from Acme Packing Company with a question about their o-line.

They're not a truly
exceptional pass blocking line. The veteran tackles (Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher) are solid and Clifton has had some exceptional games notably shutting down LB Shawne Merriman earlier this season. The middle of the line is still a work in progress. They can be overpowered and have trouble with stunts, LG Daryn Colledge was benched midway through the Dallas game and might be stuck as the back left tackle for the rest of the season. The Packers give a lot of help blocking too. On many plays you'll see TE Donald Lee go in motion and stop in the backfield when Favre's in the shotgun, and Lee will stay in to block with the running back.

The pass protection is so successful because of Favre. Just like Peyton Manning, Favre has a quick release, doesn't hold onto the ball for a longtime anyway, and neither player scrambles around to make something happen. Favre used to scramble around and improvise, but not since the 1990s. As a result neither Manning or Favre are sacked often.

Couple points. First, based on what Bradon points out about the interior line, I'll be interested to see if Haslett tries to muscle in through that weak spot with the tackles. We've seen Carriker make a handful of nice plays by crashing the pocket from the middle. Also don't forget that the Cowboys had plenty of success in going after Farve - no easy task - from a 3-4 similar to the one we've been seeing Haslett use with Witherspoon on the edge. Alternate the two approaches, and the Rams can stop, er slow, the Packers attack.

Second, I wonder who'll be judged as the better QB, Farve or Manning when looking back on the two outstanding careers? There's no easy answer here, and like other great debates - Ford vs. Chevy, Cats vs Dogs - I suspect there will never be a clear answer. I'm looking forward to watching one of the greats play today, but I'll enjoy it even more if the Rams can put a blemish on an otherwise fine resume with a 3-10 upsetting an 11-2 favorite.