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Friday morning Rams Reading

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Big weekend ahead, which like every weekend for 8 weeks prior to last Sunday, offers the Rams a chance to add a little prestige to their 2007 resume, a win. Here's a quick troll around the web for some morning Rams reading material.

Let's do ourselves a favor and consider this morning the official start of the weekend. My boss is out of town and my to do list is light enough to spin it as done when it matters; hopefully, you, dear readers, have found yourselves in such a place today. On tap at TST for the weekend: a closer look at the Saints with the gang from Canal Street Chronicles, a look at the studs and duds of the first half (yeah, some Rams are on there), some game preview talk and the game thread itself will give us all our own little place to kvetch and moan about the Rams' ninth game of the season.

In the meantime, here's some fluff for your morning.

  • The Saints are watching for a "trap," i.e. they don't want to drop a game that everyone has already written off as their fifth win in a row. Read the first part of this article. It's apparent that the Saints have gone to great lengths (even though they may sound a little ridiculous) to rally the troops. I haven't been inside Rams park to know for sure, but the even tempered Scott Linehan and the Rams staff seem to be awfully quiet for the leaders of an 0-8 team. I know management wanted someone more even keeled in the wake of Mad Mike - and I understand that concern - but some times a coach has to appeal to base emotions. One rant because of a troublesome player doesn't really qualify.

  • The Saints' hometown rag, the Times Picayune, echoes the "rat trap" theme [ugh, can't someone come up with new clichés for football?] warning of a wounded and dangerous Rams team. Money quote in the story, from Drew Brees:
    "Keep in mind, that's the same attitude we had coming off our bye (in Week 4) -- which was, 'Let's just wipe the slate clean, live and learn,'"

  • Dane Looker received the Ed Block Courage Award after coming back from his leg injury, which was pretty serious as a matter of fact. Good to see at least one award for the Rams this season.

  • The pressure's on for a perfect Rams season. Wow, when you're NFL team is getting made fun of in the UK, it's a problem.

  • Walking wounded report: Romberg's status up in the air, Bulger feeling better, Steven Jackson feeling better, and TE Aaron Walker [who? Exactly.] has been ruled out for this week's game.

  • Kissing Suzy Kolber has the odds for this week's slate of games...and a closer look at Jessica Alba.

That ought to keep productivity down for the morning. Screw you paradoxical economy!