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It Could Be Worse

Right now, if you bother to go through the power rankings at the various sites that do power rankings, there's a consensus that the Rams are the worst team in the league.

However, a number of other teams are racing to snatch that dubious distinction from the Rams, the Jets, the Raiders and the 49ers to name a few.

But no matter how bad it gets for the Rams, at least we still have our 2008 first rounder to keep our thoughts warm and cozy. Our division rival 49ers don't even have that to console them for their shattered dreams.

If you recall, the 49ers trade their first round pick in the 08 draft to take OT Joe Staley with the 27th pick in '07. Guess who they got that pick from?

That's right, the Patriots. The Patriots, a potential undefeated team, get the 49ers one prize for a losing season.

From Fooch at Niners Nation via Fox Sports:

"The draft pick issue is like the ultimate knife in the back. Whenever I feel like it can't get worse, I think about that draft pick, and well -- it gets worse. Even worse is that it's going to the best team in the league. All I can hope for is that Roger Goodell decides to take the 49ers pick from the Patriots as part of the punishment. If this was David Stern running things, he'd finagle a way to get the pick back to San Francisco (since they have been one of the marquee franchises in the past)."

see, Rams fans, it could be worse.