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Turnovers and turnarounds

I guess I'm a little confused on the return of Todd Steusie. The Rams can now resign him, but it doesn't sound like he'll be able to play for three weeks, the Seattle game. This, at least, is the impression I got from remarks Linehan made at his Monday presser last week.

"It started with (Todd) Steussie's injury in preseason. Steussie was a 15-game starter for us last year. That was significant. It looks like he'll be back for the Seattle game. We're looking forward to that."

I suspect we'll have more information from Post-Dispatch beat reporter Jim Thomas' live chat today.

In this week's press conference, Linehan revealed upcoming plans to elevate Dustin Fry from the practice squad. He said, "The likelihood is we will probably elevate (center) Dustin Fry by the end of the week."  I don't know much about Fry's abilities. He's avoided the wear and tear of the first eight games, so that should at least give him one advantage. No word as to whether he'll play guard or center, but I suspect he'll slot in at guard and McCollum will stay at center.

One thing that's fueled New Orleans' turnaround has been the play of Drew Brees and their offensive line. Fellow SBNation site Canal Street Chronicles has more on that subject in this post. They've allowed just one sack in their last five games.

In their last four games, Brees has thrown just one interception, no doubt in part due to the improved play on the line. In the first four games of the season, Brees threw 9 interceptions. Again, the link between good o-line play, preventing turnovers, and winning is abundantly clear. New Orleans hasn't had the rash of injuries on their line either.

Bulger threw just one INT last week, a game in which he wasn't sacked at all, and the Rams must repeat if they're to have any hope of winning this week. The Saints' defense doesn't excel against the pass; they're ranked 27th in the league against the pass to be exact. They've recorded just 13 sacks on the season, for a 4.1% sack rate. That could give Bulger and his line a nice little break and the chance to build on the success they had against Cleveland's pass defense. They'll need it because New Orleans just put up 41 points against a defense considered to be far better than the Rams, and they don't show any signs of slowing down.