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Week 9 Open Thread - Rams Bye week and the One Big Game

Take a look at something:

0-8 8-0

Makes for kind of an interesting contrast AND, if you think about it on a purely visual level, the Rams and the Patriots (the Colts are 7-0) aren't that different.

Hey, it's a strech, I know.

I guess if you don't want to watch the One Big Game at 3:15 today, you can always watch Houston and Oakland play. You could also go see Bee Movie which sounds just as interesting.

The NFC West default title is could move into a tie today with an Arizona win over Tampa Bay (I'll go with TB here) and a Seattle loss to Cleveland (I'll take Cleveland there). If they both lose, Seattle still has control of the division with a .500 record. Good times in the old NFC West. Good times indeed.