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Linehan Ax Watch - off to Washington State?

There's no shortage of rumblings and talk of Linehan looking elsewhere for coaching work next season, especially in the wake of a loss snatched from the jaws of victory against the Seahawks on Sunday.

It's still too early to see much more than misty clouds in the crystal ball when asking about Linehan's fate. With five more games to play, anything could happen. But, if you had to give your mother-in-law from out of town odds on the situation, the smart money certainly favors Linehan in a polo shirt of another color.

Thus begin the inevitable rumors of which team's polo he might wear in 2008. A Seattle Times report from yesterday (Monday, 12/26/07) lists Linehan as a potential candidate to replace Washington State University head coach Bill Doba.

Joining Linehan on that list is Rams scout John L. Smith, a former defensive coordinator at WSU and former head coach at Louisville and Michigan State.

Those are the only two names on the list currently holding down day jobs in the NFL.

Brian DeLuca, in his blog at, brings back the "has Linehan lost the locker room" talk so rampant just a month ago. He says:

"It will be interesting to see how the St. Louis Rams respond following their devastating loss at home against Seattle.  Scott Linehan has his work cut out for him this week in terms of lifting the offensive side of the football.  Linehan must make sure the players don't quit on him at this point."

Marc Bulger injury update
Bulger, as you may have read by now, was examined by a neurosurgeon and his CAT scan was negative (negative for...?). His final hurdle before being cleared to play against the Falcons in week 13 is passing the NFL's test for players suffering a concussion. (Sample questions: Do you have a concussion? How many fingers am I holding up?) That test will likely come tomorrow or Thursday; stay tuned.