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Predict nothing; expect more

Gloom and doom for the Rams in some prognosticating circles.

Check this out, from Fox Sports:

"At Rundown, we sometimes honor those pioneers with our 'default summary' of the Seahawks. 'The Seahawks are an above-average team. They have a dependable quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck, some very good receivers, and a defense with big-play capability. They'll beat this week's awful divisional opponent, remain in first place, and probably host a home playoff game.'

It has worked for three years. Why stop now?"

For the record, here's the rundown on week 10's game against the Saints from the same source:

"The Saints have won four straight and are back in the playoff chase now that their offense is back in synch. The Rams will win a few games this year -- the Niners, Falcons and Bengals are on the horizon -- but they won't win in the Big Easy."

I'm certainly not doing this to pick a fight or anything juvenile like that, it's just a good reminder that anything can happen from week to week in the NFL. A big play here, a turn over there, injuries, bad calls, misreads, etc. all make the business of prognostication a rather inexact science, and gives fans a reason to watch from week to week.

I suspect many of us will be affixed in front of a TV somewhere to watch THE big game, the biggest game in MU/KU football history, easily. Full disclosure: I'm pulling for MU, in a rare bout of state pride and bandwagon fandom. Be sure to visit SBN's MU and KU sites for more on the big game tonight, and feel free to comment here.

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