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Week 11 Rams at 49ers: the quest for 2 in row. Open Thread

Each team has a streak on the line today, and only one, a Rams two game winning run or the 49ers' eighth loss in a row, will continue at the end of play.

A similar game plan to what we saw against New Orleans should be in order today. Hopefully, the line has had enough time together and enough individual experience in games now to build on the progress they showed against the Saints last week. Fortunately for Barron et al, the San Fran pass rush went from a wrecking ball in the week two match up to a minor nuisance thanks largely to injuries and a thoroughly disappointing Tully Banta-Cain. San Francisco's rookie sensation LB Patrick Willis is playing with a cast on his hand. Steven Jackson should be primed for a big day. And Nate Clements and Walt Harris should be pretty well tied up defending Torry Holt to open Bruce downfield for a big day as well as make SJ and McMichael a threat in the middle. More passes to Bennett in the flat, a play that worked well against the Saints, would be nice too.

For the playerson the other side of the ball, practice this week should have had a deja vu feel to it, as rushes to keep replacement QB Tret Dilfer off balance will figure prominently in the game plan. Containing Frank Gore who'll be looking to finally have a big game against the team he scored his last TD of the season against, will be more of an issue if the Rams offense can't get an early lead.

It's another winnable game, something fans can appreciate as much as Scott Linehan can in the battle to save his hide. Be sure to visit Niners Nation for some more game preview info and in game excitement. Be kind though, as we all know, losing your eighth game in a row can be tough.