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Sheep herding: shiny silver linings

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A quick stroll around the interweb this morning...perfect for a sleepy Friday afternoon. We're back with five questions from Fooch at Niners Nation by lunch time and Ned Macey, author of the "Any Given Sunday" column at Football Outsiders, has agreed to answer some questions about the Rams week 10 game against the Saints, the subject of his most recent AGS column. We'll have that one up ahead of this week's game too.

Speaking of Macey's most recent column, read the comments posted there. Notice the number of Vikings fan willing to embrace Scott Linehan again if the Rams cut him loose?

I'd be happy with the practice squad $4700 weekly paycheck. Eric Moore's gotta be pleased that weekly amount is going up to $25K now that he's joined the active roster. Moore had a good preseason, and the Niners offense might allow him to build on that.

The replacement players brought in to fill holes have found something of a silver lining for themselves. Petitti, Leckey, Gorin and Brown may have set themselves up for a backup job in the NFL next season.

Scott Linehan gets no respect from this writer. He does make a point about Linehan's assistant experience coming under Mike Tice and Nick Saban, which makes you think...

Clifton Brown at the Sporting News still thinks Linehan's gone after the season.

Steven Jackson injury update: SJ is healthy and ready to run. Fantasy owners take note, he could have a nice game against the 49ers this week. Pro Football Weekly points to a Niners run defense that's "starting to unravel, particularly on the perimeter."  The Rams running game has been solid all season on the right end, with a 5.59 average line yard mark, third best in the NFL.

Mizzou fans, can they stay awake and beat K State this week? If they beat KU next week, could a national championship berth be one victory over Oklahoma away? Some don't think the Big 12 deserves a shot.

Great discussion going on in the comments of yesterday's post about Linehan's future with STL in the wake of the Saints win. Weigh in.