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Gathering of Sheep: Rams links

For the first week in what seems like a while, Steven Jackson's injury status is all clear with less than a week to go for the next game. Take note fantasy football coaches, if you're still in it after taking Jackson with a top 5 pick. Seattle only averaged 2.9 yards rushing on 36 total rushing plays. If you're pleased with that news as a fantasy player, then the Rams fans still watching must be absolutely ecstatic.

Even though it's hard not to think about this win and lick your chops thinking about next week's match up against the hapless 49ers, we'll hold off on analysis and predictions for at least another day. In the meantime, see if this quote sounds vaguely familiar.

"I thought the defense put up a valiant effort while the offense apparently didn't board the plane..."

That's our friend Fooch's take on the Niners loss to the Seahawks this week over at Niners Nation. (Great picture with the post too.)

Sports Illustrated looks at the Rams win, specifically how much time Linehan just bought himself.

Even Linehan's son was critical of his play calling. Linehan's just happy his son isn't turning out like the Reid boys in Philly.

Football Outsiders breaks down "The Win." This is a must read, and we'll talk more about it tomorrow.

It seems a bit early in the week for Power Rankings, but the Rams have moved up, to #29, in the early voting.

We've already started talking about the draft, and may have to rethink those conversations if this winning thing continues. [Ed. Note: we want the winning thing to continue. What else am I going to do on a Sunday?] Here's the first look at the free agents to be, another group that figures prominently into the Rams plans for 2008.

The RAMblin' Fan has a good breakdown of the game, and a great picture of Holt. Another good look at "The Win" from RAMblings.

If you've got a link of note, be sure to post it in the comments section.