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Frerotte still starting

It sounds like Frerotte may get the start against Baltimore this week, with Bulger still ailing. However, this time last week Bulger was still starting against the Cardinals, so we'll see how things change as the week progresses. Right now, I'll go out on a limb and give Bulger a 5:1 chance of starting this week.

I thought Hill was done for 4-6 weeks, but the same PD article is saying he could be back this week. That would be a huge gain for the Rams secondary, anything that sends Walls to the bench is a huge gain at this point.

As the broken foot would indicate, Carter's season is over. Todd Johnson and Dante Hall are "iffy." I'm a little surprised about Johnson. Not being an MD, I would think his sprained neck might be something he could get over well enough to play on Sunday. Haslett tends to agree, "I think Todd Johnson will be available at least by the end of the week."