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You asked for it! Arizona Cardinals

You asked the questions, Revenge of the Birds gave us some answers. With just a tinge of doubt in your mind as to which team will always be St. Louis' team...

1. "I mean this in the most serious way, is there any reason for the Cards' D to take the Rams O seriously? I mean come on, a rookie starting at running back, an artifact from ancient Egypt starting at quarterback, and Drew "I'm going to run the wrong route" Bennett as the red-zone threat. If I were a player on that D, I'd be laughing right now."

You know, I'm not surprised this question came up. The Rams have been disappointing all season long, and I don't see them as a huge threat. That said, the one thing you sometimes see in these situations is under-preparation. When teams slack off or don't take another team seriously, you tend to see things that just shouldn't happen. Fortunately, I know Whisenhunt is going to do his part, and based on what is on paper, the Rams offense isn't threatening.

2. "On the other hand, with the so called "non" quarterback
controversy with the cards, I think the Rams can still be pretty
decent on defense. And I stress decent. Thoughts?"

The Rams defense can have a good, or decent showing on defense if they can contain Edgerrin James. Kurt Warner is a good quarterback and Leinart can be good at times if he has time in the pocket. But it all goes back to James. If the Rams can keep him from cranking out 4-5 yards per carry, it wouldn't surprise me if the Arizona offense struggles a little and makes mistakes.

3."how are the fans are handleing the qb-by-committee approach?"

It's a non-controversy for now because the team is doing well. Warner is playing great and Leinart is keeping mum on the situation. The thing that frightens me a little is, what happens when they hit a skid this season? How will fans react? That's what I'm worried about. Like they say, though, winning keeps fans from complaining.

4. " Should I be jealous of them for having Wisenhunt as head coach? I know the whole qb thing, but I seem to like him better than Linehan. Linehan seems like a Jon Gruden/Jim Mora, Jr. clone.  All facial gestures and b.s."

I personally love Whisenhunt, though it might be because the Cards haven't had a decent coach in some time. And by decent, I mean a guy who's willing to tell his players what to do and earn their respect. Look at Denny Green. The players didn't respect him like they do Whisenhunt and it showed on the field. Another great thing is that he's from Pittsburgh where fans expect to win every season. He knows how to deal with that pressure and keep his players heads in the game. That's big in the NFL.

5. "What's the status on Boldin?"

It's a bit sketchy. I'd say he's a gametime decision right now. The
latest I've heard is that Boldin has missed some practice obviously and Whisenhunt doesn't care to start players who have missed practice.

Thanks again to Revenge of the Birds.