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Black Out

Looks like you can get some yard work done this Sunday, unless you're one of the few who have tickets for the game. This really shouldn't come as a big surprise. People generally don't spend hard earned cash to see an 0-4 team, an 0-4 team that for the most part rejected making any needed changes until they had already lost four games. It's a shame too. Looking back at where hopes and expectations for this team stood at the beginning of August, it makes that winless record even more hard to accept. C'est la vie!

Still, Linehan and the coaching staff finally did respond this week. Making big changes that included benching an injured quarterback and shuffling the coaching responsibilities with the intention of being able to best respond to the situation on the field. Oh, and let's not understate the importance of the decision to start McCollum at left guard, a move that probably should have happened in week two.

Other decisions that could impact the team's mentality and approach could be on the way too.

Parting ways with Dominique Byrd might be the first of the next round of dominoes to fall. On top of his legal troubles, Byrd's missed team meeting and lacking onfield effort don't deserve much more, if any, tolerance. Dumping Byrd would help send a message that EVERY little things matters from individual players on an 0-4 team, and anything less than 100% in practice or in the game is unacceptable.

I don't worry much about Carriker being a wash out. He's been more than adequate in his first season at a new position, two new positions actually, starting the season at nose and moving inside with the emergence of Clifton Ryan. There's no question about his ability; it's just a matter of making adjustments and learning the ropes in the NFL. He will be a force next season. And I'm actually starting to wonder if he may not get moved back to his DE position. Think about it. Haslett and Co. obviously feel they've got their NT in Ryan, and playing on the inside Carriker's putting some of his DE skills to use in pursuit and breaking down the pocket. If Wroten proves to be significantly improved when he returns from his substance abuse suspension, something all predicted at the start of the season but never got to see thanks to his ill-timed suspension, Carriker moving down the D-line might make some sense, especially if injuries should befall Hall or Little. Of course, coaches are often hesitant to move around a top draft pick so much during the course of one season, rightfully so. It's an interesting little situation. We'll see what happens...if anyone's still watching in a month much less next season.

It should be nice to have Fahkir Brown back this week.

Grid Bird Q n' A coming later.