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Breaking: Frerotte In, Bulger Out

From the PD:

Rams coach Scott Linehan is going with Gus Frerotte as his starting quarterback Sunday against Arizona and benching injured Pro Bowler Marc Bulger.

This is big news, and I suspect that Linehan finally saw something on the films that we've been seeing from our vantage point for two weeks: Bulger is playing hurt and not able to do what he does with 100%. For the record, I think Bulger's heart is in it - he's hardly been emotionless through this stretch - his body jsut hasn't healed to the level of his desire.

Thanks to jroman for catching this.

All kinds of news today.

Linehan will take over play calling duties from Olson, who will move up to the coaches booth during the games.

I suspect they'll be working together to an extent with Olson giving Linehan the eagle's eye scouting report. This should allow them to call plays in response to events on the field rather than following a map for their game plan. They should see some improvement with this.

Finally, McCollum will start at left guard, a position he owned during the 2003 season. This probably should have happened last week, but better late than never. McCollum has lots of experience with this team and knows the position. With Incognito back this week at RG and Romberg at center, the interior of the Rams o-line should be pretty solid.