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Turd polishing

Sprucing up the EJD, eh?

Hmm, all kids of 0-4 cracks to be made here. Let's get on with it.

  • A new video board will allow fans to see the grimace on Bulger's face when Bennett takes the wrong route.
  • Expanded end zone clubs will allow more fans to focus on drinking rather than the debacle happening below.
  • Instant credit card devices at concession stands, should you choose to return the Klopfenstein jersey you bought in an ill-fated bout of offseason excitement.


Besides the growing chorus of fans asking about Linehan's replacement already, there's another growing chorus of fans and pundits advocating for more hurry-up and no huddle offenses to throw off opposing defenses and shake things up on the field a bit. At this point, it's as reasonable as any idea for the Rams offense, and I'm sort of flummoxed as to why they haven't used it this season. In the four games so far, there have been ample opportunities for such a ploy, the last Rams drive of the first half against Dallas comes readily to mind. Tying the two growing chorus themes together, I wonder if Linehan's "conservative" tag might be best changed to "too calculating." You can over think and over game things, and we've certainly seen some of that in what we've been labeling the conservative offense.

What's the worst that can happen if they use these ploys? An INT, a loss, no TD? It's all happened before with the carefully planned plays, so why the hell not?

Actually, I'm kind of wondering if maybe Linehan and Olson don't need to give some play calling responsibility or at least lots of input to the offense. Bulger's been throwing balls to Holt and Bruce for a long time, and the results over the years have been pretty good. Sometimes the best generals need to ask the sergeants what's really going on before things at the higher level can get done right.