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Steven Jackson injury update

Just a quick note and then we can all go back to doing something more productive than thinking about the Rams tonight.

Jackson had back spasms today, something that should clear up ahead of the Rams next outing in week 10 against the Saints. From Jeff Gordon's post-game discussion:

Jackson had back spasms, a problem that should not carry over. The bye will also help his groin muscle get closer to 100 percent.

The team isn't saying much about Incognito. In hte same chat session linked above, it's reported that he "may have a patellar tendon injury."

Eight weeks in, and this team doesn't look any better than it did to start the season, with a notable exception here and there. I don't know that there's been a game this season in which the Rams were the better team (against SF?), but they still are not executing plays well at all. The second half of this game proves that.

BTW, any sports psychologists out there among our 12 readers? If so, we'd love to have some insight into what Linehan's going through right now, trying to put something together with a team he knows he won't be coaching in four months. That's gotta be weird, right?