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Cleveland laughs at your "guarantees"

At the very least, Randy McMichael guaranteed that the internets would be buzzing about his guaranteed win. I dare not even venture into the message boards to see what the raw red meat eaters who should be taking a break from the 16 "fire Linehan" threads to discuss McMichael's statement. Sheesh.

At SBN's Cleveland Browns site, Dawgs By Nature, the guarantee has been labeled "foolish." DBN continues:

That's a bold statement for a guy who is on pace for career lows considering the moderate production he used to have with the Miami Dolphins. This season, McMichael has 17 catches for 209 yards and 1 touchdown. The Browns have been very vulnerable against tight ends though, so let's hope that Sean Jones has improved his technique in single coverage.

Cleveland is 0-2 on the road this season.

Epic Carnival announces a new NFL film, The Nightmare Way Before Christmas," featuring the Rams and the Dolphins.

Our cable package doesn't offer the NFL Network, so I don't get to see the condensed version of our 16 game slog.

Speaking of the Dolphins, have you noticed three of the worst teams in the NFL all have a recent close connection to Rams head coach Scott Linehan? Hmm...might there have been a problem in the head coach vetting process?

Rob Petitti surely can't be any worse than Terrell. He'll get a good chance to reclaim some of his rookie phenom status with the Rams.

This week's starting offensive line is:
Gorin at RT
Incognito at RG
McCollum at C
Milford Brown at LG
and the easily influenced Alex Barron at LT reported that the league is considering expanding roster sizes given the rash of injuries this season. That certianly would be welcome news for the Rams. However, because of issues with the revenue sharing and the salary cap, that rule change likely won't come until the CBA is renegotiated in 2011. Let's play devil's advocate here and consider the impact this would have on the talent teams have traditionally been able to pick up when rosters get trimmed or mid-season changes make players available. It could dilute the talent pool too, by forcing teams to keep scrubs on their roster (like Lenny Walls) instead of picking up useful role players that can make a difference and keep a team competitive, think Kacyvenski last season.

At least someone is picking the Rams to win, the Boston Globe, but they might be forgiven for being a little too high on life after seeing the Six nab a 2 game lead in the World Series.

Cleveland (-3) at St. Louis - Seven games, seven losses, so it's no surprise that Rams coach Scott Linehan grouses that "there's not a lot of things to be too happy about." May I remind you, Coach, that it's apple crisp season. Pick: Rams.

What, it's apple season?