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Rams at Seattle, week 7 - Open Thread

Is this the day? Can anyone possibly hold out until 3:15 p.m. to find out if the Rams can add a notch to the bedpost for their first win of the season, against the hated Seahawks?

You'll forgive me for not making predictions.

Must Win Game
Ah, a classic sports cliche, but one that philisophically may no longer apply to the Rams. When you're 0-6 are any of your games "must win" since you've essentially played yourself out of postseason hopes other than that of the spoiler? Or, are all of your games "must win" as they hope to avoid the ebarassment of being winless week after week?

I suspect philosophers across the country will pause from the ageless angels on the head of a pin argument to explore the "win now" paradox. Can somebody get these guys a MacArthur Grant?

Coach's Corner
Linehan's not the only one whose future weighs heavy on his mind lately. Seattle's decline has created a flurry of speculation that Holmgren will seek new surroundings next season. He doesn't have to contend with mid-season axing rumors, with Seattle's main strategy for the division title is simply staying awake, but even Fraiser's talk radio regulars are commenting on a team in decline and Holmgren's embrace of the old way in the face of change (hmm, sounds like something St. Louis Cardinal fans might be familiar with). Holmgren needs a win to quiet critics after consecutive losses to the Steelers and Saints. Has 3-3 ever looked so bleak?

A Simple Plan
See yesterday's post more about what the Saints did to earn their first victory of the season. Quick plays and an effective running game in the middle will be essential to the future of this franchise. No seriously, those will be key elements in keeping Marc Bulger off the ground against a defense that doesn't have much more left than a good pass rush. With Alexander ailing and the Seattle o-line one of the worst (worse than the Rams even) at run blocking, the Rams will need to create a pass rush of their own, anything to disrupt the passing game. Timely INTs wouldn't be bad either. Of course, the Rams must not turn the ball over themselves, which should go without saying.

Don't forget to check out SBN Seahawks blog Field Gulls. They've done a fine job with analysis over there, so don't leave that out of your pregame info gathering session.

No temper tantrums here...the Rams' fanbase just isn't interested enough anymore to elicit that kind of passion.