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I'm kind of stumped here. It's hard to look at anything right now and consider it good news. And as far as any sort of attempt at rational analysis goes, impossible. The offense stinks like we couldn't have ever imagined, and we, the fans, don't seem to have any more of a clue as to why that is than the coaches do.

Let's start with the news that Bulger's starting in the Arizona game this week. It shouldn't come as any surprise. Supposedly, his ribs aren't bad enough to compromise his ability. I'm inclined to believe that, but I don't think any of us should be satisfied with the starting quarterback's play this season. Yes, disarray on the O-line gets a considerable amount of blame for recent play, but there's been more than one play this season where he's had plenty of time in the pocket to find open arms and make plays. Sometimes those chances have been scuttled by errant route running or miscommunication. As far as miscommunication goes, where's the telephone down at, in the huddle, between coach and QB, in Drew Bennett's head?

Truthfully, I'm beginning to believe that it doesn't matter who plays QB. The Rams offense has mostly looked confused through four weeks; not suffering because of key injuries, not a few bad plays here and there, but just all around confused, like nobody out there knows what's going on. Injury battered teams still seem to score at least a few points, and even with cardboard cutouts on the line, there's no logical excuse for the Rams not putting at least another touch down or two on the board in their last two games. To me, debates about play calling aside for the moment, the ultimate responsibility falls on the shoulders of the coaches. They're the executives that have to pull together this rag tag assembly of pretty expensive offensive talent to a functional unit. I may be able to live with, albeit uncomfortably, with the 0-4 record, but I can't live with a team that looks utterly lost and hapless each time they take the field.

Lenny Walls must have some value on special teams, because after last week's performance I'm flabbergasted as to why Darius Vinnett will get released instead of Walls when Fakhir Brown returns this week. There's a faint silver lining to this team's season in Brown's return. He should help shore up a secondary that looks to be the weakest link on the defense right now. Of course, the defense has played fairly well so far this season, until being left out there on the field by the completely impotent offense. There's only so much they can do, right? Brown and the rest of the backfield will have their work cut out for them next week with Arizona's talented receivers.

One last thought to this extremely frustrated post. Haslett's done a fine job of putting some life into this defense. No, they're not the impenetrable walls of a medieval fortress, but for a unit that was supposed to be more of a liability than an asset, they're not too bad. They've been taken apart some in the second half of games after, and after having to watch the offense squander even a chance for 3 points, it shouldn't be too surprising. Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I wonder if Haslett, who's expressed interesting in being a head coach again, might not be a better fit as the Rams head coach. Of course, I'd want a new offensive coordinator (Norv Turner might be available after the season, heh heh). Haslett as the Rams head coach is a valid question in the wake of this season though.