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Another week, another 'L'

This stupid team.

I don't know what the hell to write here. There's nothing worth talking about from this week's game. You can blame it on the injuries, but deep down you know that's only part of the problem. Besides, if you go back and look at the first six losses, it's tough to find one that can be totally attributed to the injuries. Poor execution, even by guys like Holt, have cost the team over and over and over, and the coach takes the ultimate blame for that one. I've tried to stay off the "fire Linehan" bandwagon, believing that he deserved at least the full season and a healthy roster, but I think it's gotten to the point where heads have to roll to move on.

The defense, which has actually been competitive this season, isn't good enough to win games on their own - like the Bears the last couple seasons or, um, the Ravens. Unfortunately, without any offensive support, games are over by the third quarter and the defense is left to play out the string. They held the Ravens to just 77 yards rushing; a fantastic number after listening to the blowhards talk all morning on Sirius about how McGahee was the play of the week. (He did get a TD, but just 66 yards on 25 carries.) But how can the defense not get apathetic when they watch their very well compensated backup QB toss five interceptions?

There's absolutely no reason for Linehan or Olson to be working here anymore. Unfortunately, you can't fire the owners, like you can the coaches. But you can send them a message with your wallet. If the last home game lacked 3500 from being full enough to lift TV blackout restrictions - a game the Rams might have actually won - I wonder how many tickets short an 0-6 will be when Cleveland comes to town in two weeks? I certainly wouldn't buy any tickets until some pretty drastic changes are made within the organization, including hiring a coach unwilling to be emasculated by ownership.

Well, I'm ranting, so let me go on with it. It's really too bad this season tanked so early on, because the NFC West is a disaster. Seattle's easily the best team in the division, but they're struggling mightily in their own way. San Francisco's offense is a huge disappointment that costs them games (sounds familiar, huh?), and Arizona is on their third quarterback. Yet, the Rams are the divisional doormat thanks to a long list of injuries and their own poor decisionmaking; hell, the Rams are the worst team in the NFL.

Is it just me? Let's sample some other opinions.

Jeff Gordon on the team's inability to execute:

Overall execution does fall on the coaching. Even the most diminished team has to prepare as well as possible and play as cleanly as possible. Some of what we have seen is lack of talent, but clearly the tactical, physical and emotional preparation has to be better.

On a bean counter calling the shots (same link):

Jay Zygmunt is a great cap guy, but his track record in this front office configuration isn't so good. The Linehan Era is 8-14.
This franchise needs a forceful head coach and a crack personnel department. The turnaround could come within two years.

Too early to can Linehan?

Normally I wouldn't go there in a middle of a season, but what we're seeing is not pretty. When a team hits 0-6 -- with a tough game at Seattle next -- the concept of making a midseason change isn't unreasonable.

And that's just one pundit...

Is Don Banks at crazy? Does he really think the Dolphins will out Ram the Rams for 0-16? Sorry, Don, Miami should put one on the board before we do? In the same article he notes the flames under Linehan's seat: "With his team still winless at 0-6, the Rams' Scott Linehan has to be sitting on the hottest hot seat in the NFL coaching ranks."

Ok, breathing...calm...little fluffy clouds float by...unicorns dance in my cave of peace...Frerotte brings over a fresh cup of hot coffee...drops it...someone else picks it up...Linehan calls the experience humbling...reality returns.

We'll talk more draft this week.