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Week 6, Rams at Baltimore, Open Thread

Besides week 1, this could be the first Rams game of the season with more regular players coming back than going out with injury.

Passing's the key to this one. Baltimore's secondary is a definite weak spot, allowing five receptions over 40 yards. On the other side of the ball, the Rams really need to try and get pressure on the ghost of Steve McNair; Batlimore are kind of like the Bears of the AFC.

I said it earlier this week, and I still think this is a game the Rams can win. Don't bet the Novemeber mortgage payment on it or anything, but I'm just saying...

Here's a summary of why I feel that way, courtesy of Baltimore Beat Down:

McNair guides them up and down the field, only to settle for field goals once they stall in the Red Zone. That allows their opponents to make a quick strike with one or two plays (see SF game) and all of a sudden, a one-sided game is now up for grabs.

The no huddle will important again this week. Keep the TDs coming Frerotte.