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Help Wanted

"Have you or any of your acquaintances ever played safety at the college level? High School level? Intramurals? If so, please contact the St. Louis Rams at..."

Ok, it wasn't a real want ad, but the Rams' injuries could soon require drastic measures. Yesterday the Rams added free agent wide receiver/punt returned Brandon Williams and safety Bhawoh Jue, gesundheit!

Jue figures to see the most playing time out of the two newest Rams (maybe) in the rotation with OJ Atogwe. If he can walk, he should be able to play better than Lenny Walls, thus relieving Bartell of safety duties and putting him back on the corner with Fakhir Brown. No word on Tye Hill's return, but I'm assuming that he's not ready based on past reports.

Personally, I'd like to see Hagans get some action in the game this week, maybe even at QB for a trick play.

Hopefully, this latest round of in-season pickups can be a boon to the Rams. Last year's midseason acquisition of Isaiah Kacyvenski helped to bolster a struggling Rams special teams and gave the defense a little more depth in a LB group struggling with injuries. Maybe Jue can be this year's Kacyvenski. Of course, Jue played in SD's backfield for the last two seasons, and as good as the defense was on the SD teams, their secondary was always a weakness. Still, he's gotta be better than Lenny Walls.