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Rams Invisible Strategy Not Working

Then there were three - three winless teams that is.

Our 2007 St. Louis Rams officially stink. I've tried to keep my head in the sand, tried to maintain a little optimism, and when the Rams got the ball back on an OJ Atogwe only to have what's become the league's most inept offense muff it, after getting started in the red zone, and then a missed 28 yard FG from the normally above the fray Wilkins.

I should have turned off the TV at that point.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I kept watching. Oh the highlights. Romo turning a missed snap into a massive first down, Goldberg getting injured...choose your metaphor for the season, this game had them all.

Had the Rams scored on that ill-fated drive mentioned above, it might have been a completely different game, at least in the sense that the Rams offense would have finally produced a TD. This team should be 2-2, but after watching the four games they have played, they look like an 0-4 team.

Is there anything they can do to turn it around?

Define "turn it around." Any notion of the playoffs is totally laughable, but if the team wants to win some game they might first think about backing up a dump truck load of money to a couple of free agent offensive linemen. Or maybe some team out there would like to take Drew Bennett in a straight up trade?

Starting Frerotte might not be a bad idea either. Bulger doesn't look like the Bulger of old, and despite his insistence to the contrary, I don't believe him about the injuries making a difference in how he's playing.

And the play calling, they ran 30 passing plays and 21 rushes, but they were so ineffective that the defense was on the field most of the time, except when the return team wasn't out there after one of Dallas' many, many touchdowns. Right now, the play calling may be less of an issue that the general futility of the offense (see above for potential solutions).

The defense played really well in the first half, hard to believe when you look at the box score and see that Dallas racked up more than 500 yards. Clifton Ryan may be the deal of the draft. However, the unit's got some problems. Obviously getting Fahkir Brown back next week and Wroten in week six will help things out, for depth if nothing else, but Brown should help a pass defense that was in over its head against the Cowboys. Let me ask you this though, are you really unimpressed by our linebackers? Their speed is supposedly their big strength, but they don't seem to employ that with much effect. In fact, you mostly don't seem to notice them. Witherspoon had a nice play when they stopped Dallas on a third down in the second half with the score still notched at nothing, but beyond that, they're relatively invisible.

The whole team might as well be invisible if they keep playing like this. Would you buy season tickets for 2008 right now?

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