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Rams Taking Care of Business

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Some Rams news of note to comment on today.

Rams CB Jerametrius Butler, MIA for most of the season, is expected to be released in February, unless the team feels he has some trade value.

Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, was signed to the Rams roster after spending the season on the practice squad. There was talk in the comments yesterday of using him, or at least seeing what kind of option he offers, for returning kicks. Willie Ponder, who became the Rams regular kick return man later in the season, is a free agent. As Big Red pointed out in his comment, Ponder was nothing special, but he brought much needed consistency to the return role. I'm on the fence about resigning him.

TE Mark Anelli, LBs Mike Brown and Tim McGarigle, CB Josh Lay, WRs Marques Hagans and Dominique Thompson were also signed to the Rams roster from the practice squad.

It's highly unlikely that Kevin Curtis will resign with the Rams. If he is resigned, all indications are that he'll be nothing more than the team's third receiver. Curtis will be one of the two most highly sought after free agent WRs, behind Drew Bennett. Given the move he made by hiring Tom Condon as his agent and the way the market for WRs is shaping up, I'd say it's highly unlikely that Curtis will stay. Too bad, his youth and talent would make him a fine fixture in the Rams very near future, and eliminate the need for the Rams to spend a high draft pick on a WR in the next couple NFL drafts. The Rams just can't afford to offer him the $$ he could get on the open, needing instead to concentrate their resources on free agents for the defense.

The Rams would reportedly like to resign free agents Todd Steussie and Matt Turk.